Tuesday, March 7, 2017


I was home shortly after 10 pm from the Council meeting. When I arrived at the Court House the only usable parking space in the area fortunately was an extension of the handicap spot marked by a faded blue line.

The meeting started on time and I will post more about the proceedings in a follow up blog. However it is suffice to say that Bridget is a Trumpian aggressive Mayor candidate and the primary is only 3 months away.

Of interest was that after Chairman of the Committee of the whole, Barry Goode. Was elected by a 5:2 vote as the newly created Vice President of the Council, there seems to be some confusion as to his role. President Williams herself introduced all the items under consideration for next Monday’s agenda.

The Mayor addressed the Council-and the public- about his Plainfield Promise project and that there had been a great deal of controversy over selling the Bierstadt paintings. Since he is a candidate for reelection he was going to postpone any action and appoint an independent citizens commission to study the whole proposal and report back in 6 months.

He did not state if the City’s appeal to the courts to void the Trust restriction on selling the paintings had been withdrawn...

At the public comment period I did express some of my concerns raised by the Mayor’s letter to the public and am reprinting a few

The proposal seems to have as much substance as some of Trump’s plans for example; has anyone calculated the cost of the “savings account for each child that would accomplish the intended goal? What is that goal? I would like to see the actuarial figures.

The only contributing partner mentioned is JFK which is supposed to be in financial trouble and desires to rid itself at a profit from the Muhlenberg site. Also if JFK has been sold to meridian health care how safe is any pledge? This has as much substance as trump’s promise to release his taxes,

About the paintings themselves; Bierstadt was just illustrating what has been supposed to be a fact; the Indians at first thought that because of the large ships and sails and their skin that the white newcomers were “gods”
Also if that painting is offensive why is making a copy part of the proposal?

“Administrative and management costs associated with all the initiatives will be covered by the trusts.” That is from the mayor’s FAQs. It will be a good source of fiscal patronage, if the trust is 2 million a standard fee of 1’5% that is 30k alone for just administrative fees, not accounting for other management expenses. Both a bank and a third party financial agency will be involved so management fees alone will be more than that amount.

I am not sure what is meant by a “Rider Trust”. Does that mean only for Rider University?

As presented I think this plan is just pie in the sky

I would like to thank Danny Dunn for his remarks reflecting my complaints about the Plainfield TV.


  1. Unfortunately Bridget seems to be taking her cues from Trump's playbook after all he got elected in spite of his obvious shortcomings. She is just as clueless thinking she can over talk the council president in total disregard of Robert's Rules. Also her tirade about the spending of the money by the president was approved when she was the president. Her favorite word was disrespect when she was in control yet she is totally disrespectful just about every time she finds an opportunity to campaign from the bench. She seems to be trying to rally the Hispanic vote but they should beware of what they may get as a mayor just like what is now seen in our president.

  2. I believe the "rider trust" comment concerned how the funds would be handled in the city budget, i.e., "dedicated by rider." This is a method used to show certain funds that can only be used for a specific purpose are anticipated to be received in the budget year at some unknown amount and will only be used for the specific purpose. Trust funds are one example of such revenue for which a specific dollar amount cannot be certified by the finance officer.

    1. Thank you Michael. I had "googled" the term and the only reference I found was for the university.

  3. It would be interesting to see the actual Trust Agreement rather than speculate. What I think is meant by a "Rider Trust" is a rider to amend the Trust. I doubt the original Trust gives Plainfield the authority to do so nor do I believe a Judge would give Plainfield that Authority.