Sunday, March 5, 2017


The 2nd and adoptive reading of the “taxicab police seizure Ordinance is on the Agenda Setting’s agenda for Monday night.

Showing unusual common sense the Council moved its meeting from the inadequate City Hall Library to the Court House` where even that large room may not hold everyone.

Other items of interests include Resolution N, cancelling taxes for 2017 for the El Baserra International School. I presume that this is common for parochial schools.

An Ordinance to change to title of the head of the Personnel Division to Director.

Although this division is part of the Department of Administration and Finance it will no longer be under the supervision of the Director of that department but that of the City Administrator.

Added to its duties is “to administer the City’s Workman Compensation Program” Who is at present responsible?

Also is it administratively acceptable to have a division in a department not be accountable to the Department head? I think this needs attention concurrent with the charter changes.

There may be other resolutions that may be worthy of Councilor’s comments.

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