Thursday, March 9, 2017


Yes March Madness is here. I do not mean the goings on in DC. We cannot expect sanity there. Nor Spring today and snow tomorrow. We almost always have snow between Palm Sunday and Easter.

Instead I am referring to the annual Basket Ball Conferences tournaments this week followed by the NCAA tou[HY1] rnament for the 4 later weekdays and weekends.

This weekend the major six conferences are holding theirs with the Champions getting an automatic bid. Since a week ago the minor leagues have named their champs who get to play with the big boys in the NCAA shin dig.

Both the Big East and the ACC are holding force in New York this weekend and will do so again next year when they will be joined by the Big 10 who will move theirs up to the previous weekend.

For the rest of the month don’t expect too many blogs unless something is taking place in Plainfield such as the Council meetings.

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