Saturday, March 18, 2017


Is our President mashugnana*? Or does he have some hidden agenda that we cannot fathom? Why is he antagonizing our best and needed allies; Germany and England? He has accused the Brits of aiding Obama by wiretapping him. The Germans about their immigration policies and at the same time joking to Chancellor Merkel that “They both had been wiretapped by former President Barack Obama.”

On the plus side Secretary of State in Japan took a stronger position against North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear threats by saying that military action could be on the table. A position that the Chinese are objecting and saying that the US should pursue diplomatic negotiations with its “protectorate” and ally. Against what it perceives to be potential threats from South Korea and Japan.

Let us not skip over the faux pas by VP Pence and Trump himself when hosting Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny on Saint Patrick’s day. Oh well basketball March Madness is on.

*Sorry this got lost
*“A person who is nonsensical, silly or crazy; a jackass”  In Yiddish, meshugene(r) -- with the "ne(r)" ending -- is used as an attributive adjective modifying a noun (e.g., a meshugene froy, 'a crazy woman'), whereas meshuge is a predicative adjective (zi iz meshuge, 'she is crazy'). This distinction is preserved for many speakers of Jewish English (e.g., "He is absolutely meshuga!" vs. "He is such a meshgene (guy)!").(Wikinoary & Wordnik)

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