Thursday, September 8, 2016


A very busy morning including a visit to a Doctor’s office and I did not finish lunch until after 1:30. I had not read the newspapers  so briefly scanned the Times and read several interesting items that had nothing to do with the upcoming election buy were very newsworthy.

One was about the difficulty to get all of ones medical records, something I have written about in the past.  Another one about the murder of an Indian activist doctor  who was trying to  get legislation outlawing cultism, witchcraft, and other forms  of treatments that uneducated people restore to instead of scientific Medicare. His killer was a cultist doctor.

It is too late for a long column on last nights “Town Hall meeting which has been panned. I turned my TV on to watch it at 8pm, raised the footrest on my chair since Dawg was insisting on climbing up to rest on me, and as with baseball games we promptly fell asleep until 9pm.

I have not watched my DVR because all comments I have read or heard indicate I missed nothing.

So, instead of profound wisdom here are a slew of the latest political cartoons I try not to favor either one.

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