Monday, September 19, 2016


Miraculously my computer found the way to this spot where I could post. I did nothing but went through my emails and read reports from the  Times, Washington Post AND USA TODAY,

NO, I am not incapacitated, I have not posted a blog for days because of extraneous demands on my time. Plus a Samsung 6 cellphone whose battery is stable, but which has decided to do strange things that have taken time to try to solve.

Meanwhile, Hillary has returned to the campaign, and Donald after admitting that Obama was born in America charged Hillary with starting the rumor.

Perhaps one reason Trump has not released his Tax forms is that he has not paid any consistent with his income boasts,

Sunday’s paper had an article on how Trump took advantage of real estate abatement's to reduce his taxes. Other reports note that his charitable donations come from his foundation which is based on other donor’s money, not his

The three bombs this weekend represent terrorism but probably of local origin not ISIS.

Added at  11:45 am:
There was also an explosive devices found in Elizabeth  near under the RR station.

At 11:30 am the news reported that the "bomber" had been arrested in Linden, The fact that he is of Afghanistan origin will unfortunately  give Trump additional fuel, He not only will abrogate the 1st, VIth and XIVth Amendments. If elected but as a loose cannon would probably attempt to enforce dictatorial powers.

He is now leading in some polls, It is sad that our best choice is the lesser of two evils.'
A few cartoons:

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  1. Our hope is that on Election Day, people will see that our choices are:

    1) a woman who has violated laws, and, if was anyone else, would be in jail. But has experience and temperament to lead the country through both good and dangerous times.

    2) a man who says out loud what many people are thinking but has no quantifiable plan on how to make things better outside of - "bombing the hell out of them", and "building a wall".

    While neither choice makes one feel excited about this election, for me, I will vote for the woman. I trust her more to have the nuclear code, and to appoint a Supreme Court Justice that will continue to uphold rights for ALL American citizens.