Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Computer is working now, but have a busy non computer day today and a doc’s appointment tomorrow am.

Last night’s Council Agenda setting meeting was short. Maybe Gloria’s nonattendance had something to do with the brevity. Councilor Brown acted as pro-tem Chairman of the Committee of the Whole and ran through the resolutions in her usual non nonsense manner.

Only one resolution “P” was tentatively accepted authorizing a submission for grant in partnership with HOMEFIRST INTERFAITH HOUSING & FAMILY SERVICES for the proposed Dudley House project. President Storch \wants assurance that there is an actual plan in place by next Monday’s meeting or he will move to table that resolution.

The Highlights of the meeting were (1) the Plainfield Rescue squad presentation of what they do and what their needs were. They need funds to upgrade communication equipment; radios and ability to get police calls and utilize county and state communications to get to scenes quicker. Now they have to wait fi=or the County to dispatch them. We were told that a needed “stair litter chair “costs 4K. The council an Administration must address this need.

The second discussion item was a presentation by Pastor Paul Dean “regarding unity in the city of Plainfield” His spirited speech and proposed “Black Men Run For all Lives” support for an event to take place on “Black Friday” (November 25) was outstanding and deserves complete city support as well as reprinting when available

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