Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Council meeting report, “Yawn”/

 If it were not for the ceremonial AWARDS TO THE Plainfield Fire Department and the Plainfield Shut-In Council the evening would have justified Gloria’s once again “no show”

Councilor Taylor had informed President Storch that she would not be there.

All resolutions passed unanimously with Storch questioning the partnership Grant request with ‘Home First Interfaith and Family Service” for the Dudley House. This is only for renovations to make 18 rooms available for needed veteran’s services. The Grant does not included service and operational cost.

Director West and the Director of “Home First” stated that funds for operations will be sought through additional grants, foundations, and cooperating organizations. The city will not be on the hook.

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  1. Doc maybe you would know the answer to this: Why is the Plainfield cable channel showing a documentary on Oklahoma City for the past several weeks instead of replays of Counsel Meetings? Thanks