Tuesday, August 2, 2016


 Why no blog again this morning?
There could be multiple reasons, some legitimate and others just excuses.

Perhaps I just am getting older and too many of the 24 hours in a day come at the wrong time.

Perhaps it is due to the fact that Council meetings themselves are in summer doldrums. There has been changes in dates, combining the “Agenda Fixing Session” with the “Business meeting”. Various Councilors have been lax in attendance, some have shown evidence of not being familiar with that5 meeting’s agenda.

Too often there has also been a lack of preparedness by upper level administrators when questioned by Councilors. Especially when the questions are aimed at getting Brownie points.
Interruption for an unnecessary doctor’s appointment because of Medicare regulations; to be the subject of a Health Care Rant.

It could be a result of Dawg’s demands for attention which he needs and deserves.

Or it could be that after 8+ years I am just getting tired of finding new source material.

Perhaps it could be a result of depression that a significant portion of the American electorate could consider that jerk Trump as a potential President/

Or that our choice has become this?

Or our po0litical leaders feel that party loyalty takes precedent over the nation’s welfare.

Or could it be that the woeful Mets compete with the Yankees for prime time? ‘

I could go on but will perhaps post a readable blog late today or Wednesday by noon.

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