Thursday, August 25, 2016

TO AN0N 9:55AM

“Did you honestly expect anything else from the government mandate DOC? Hope you are happy now!”

Anon 9:55am, 8/24/16: Somewhere in my dotage I or you must have missed something. I thought that I was bemoaning that Obama care has help create a system of health care that was not only financially unsound but more importantly has contributed to a deterioration of health care for the public.

Do I think that having to wait for 5 months for an appointment with a highly qualified specialist, or 4 weeks by an established patient for an exacerbation of a known problem represents good health care?

Do I think waiting several hours past the appointment time before being escorted into the sanctum sanctorum for another long wait until the holey one appears with his/hers computer represents good health care?

Do I think that having a NP or PA do the initial contact at the visit and often the only one is conducive to good health care?

Do I think that only the hospitals or health care “providers that the Insurance carrier approves or are members of that particular hospital system represents the best interests of the patient?

Although I have not yet opined about the cost of medications or the influence of the insurance company or the hospital and its affiliated on the medication you will you as a patient will be entitled to receive; I thought that I have made my position very clear over the past few years.

Certainly the  last two blogs while not concerned about the  present examination, diagnosis,  studies and treatments including medications today’s patient has to consider the state of the art, have been an indication of my being concerned, not happy, with ACA, or the evolvement of what the present generation accepts as the way it is.

Remember, all doctors are not equal, all hospitals are not equal, and all medications although they are supposed to be “similar in action” are not equal’. 

Choice in all the above is essential for good health care.

Obama promised that with the exchanges you could keep your present physician. Read the fine print in your policy especially if it is of the bronze or silver. 

Anon 9:55 I am very unhappy and will rant some more soon as to why.

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