Sunday, August 28, 2016


There are 24 hours in a day of which approximately 8 to 12 should be available for productivity. It seems that I always have to fit in twice the amount of things to do during that period. Somehow that is impossible especially for this nonagenarian. To cap the usual chores my 10 year plus old washing machine chose to die Friday so time had to be spent looking for a replacement. Additionally Dawg demands attention, due to a poor night's sleep I fell asleep in the afternoon for about 2 hours and then had four family phone calls so nothing was done until 8 pm. 

My computer could not find the sever so I had to shut the modem off, disconnect the power line and replug it before I could check my email. It has become too late to write a blog but I thought that  in the climate of this years election campaign this recent Rasmussen report would be interesting. Since this is a freely delivered email I believe that I can reproduce it for this non profit blog, The links may work.

The White House insists that blacks are better off after President Obama’s eight years in office, but voters strongly disagree. No wonder Republican nominee Donald Trump is reaching out to black voters, saying they have “nothing to lose” by supporting him. 

Only 13% of Likely U.S. Voters believe life for young black Americans has gotten better since Obama’s election in November 2008. Forty-one percent (41%) believe it has gotten worse.
Even among black voters, only 15% say life for young black Americans is better now.
Perhaps even more disturbing is that 50% of Americans believe race relations are getting worse, the highest level of pessimism ever in Rasmussen Reports surveying, and that was in January, before several high-profile police shootings and revenge killings of police officers.
By contrast, in January 2009, just before Obama’s inauguration, 70% of Americans said relations between black and white Americans were getting better.
As recently as last September, only 20% of voters said Obama has brought Americans of different races closer together. Forty-seven percent (47%) think the president has driven those of different races further apart instead.
Forty-four percent (44%) of black voters feel the president has brought us closer together, but just 16% of whites and 21% of other minority voters agree.
However, 53% of blacks – and 72% of all voters – believe America is a more divided nation than it was four years ago
After eight years of the first black president, blacks are still much more likely than whites and other minority voters to believe the economy and the U.S. justice system is unfair to them.
Voters definitely have a low opinion of politicians who play the so-called “race card,” but the frequency with which it is used suggests that it’s a successful political tactic. Witness Hillary Clinton’s attempt this week to tie Trump to the Ku Klux Klan. Only 14% of voters think most politicians raise racial issues to address real problems. Three-out-of-four voters (73%) think they’re only raising racial issues to get elected.
Sixty percent (60%) think comments critical of the police made by some politicians make it more dangerous for police officers to do their job. Just 15% disagree and say it’s more likely that these critical comments improve the quality of the police’s performance.
But there’s a noticeable racial difference of opinion here, too. Sixty-six percent (66%) of whites and 52% of other minority voters believe critical comments about the police by some politicians make cops’ jobs more dangerous. Among black voters, just 36% feel that way, although only 24% think those comments improve the quality of the police’s performance.

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  1. Do voters disagree because they have taken the time to do research, or just doing the old "I think I feel" routine.

    How informed are the voters?