Sunday, August 7, 2016


(a)-Should we trust any of our politicians? (b) What does their positions or promises mean? (c) Does it matter if he/she is at the local level or the national level?

The answers: (a) guardedly, (b) worthlessness, (c) absolutely not.

According to Columnist Nicholas Kristof in the Times; “One metric comes from independent fact-checking websites. As of Friday, PolitiFact had found 27 percent of Clinton’s statements that it had looked into were mostly false or worse, compared with 70 percent of Trump’s. It said 2 percent of Clinton’s statements it had reviewed were egregious “pants on fire” lies, compared with 19 percent of Trump’s. So Trump has nine times the share of flat-out lies as Clinton.

Likewise, The Washington Post Fact-Checker has awarded its worst ranking, Four Pinocchios, to 16 percent of Clinton’s statements that it checked and to 64 percent of Trump’s.
 I was taught not to speak ill of the dead. This blog is not about Eric Watson who was an excellent Director of Public works but no Eric Jackson. However when I saw Monday night’s Agenda Fixing Meeting’s agenda the above questions immediately struck me.

Eric Watson was the CEO of PMUA from the date it was created until the spring of 2011 when in the PMUA News Letter it was announced that “Executive Director Eric Watson and Deputy Executive Director David Ervin, upon mutual agreement will phase out their employment with the PMUA,”

Although the separation of these three appeared to be voluntarily and not as the result of the Board of Commissioners” action Watson and Ervin subsequently were award a “Golden Parachute” of about a million dollars”.

During the later years of Watson’s administration and the active “Dump the PMUA” movement then Councilman Mapp was a vocal critic of Watson and his administration.

To the surprise of many in September 2014 Mayor Mapp appointed Watson as Director of the Public Works and Economic Development Department.

The Courier News on 9//16/2014 wrote: “Mapp on Monday acknowledged the "blow back" of his decision, but said Watson, who led the city's DPW before moving to the PMUA, was "the most qualified of all the applicants."

"He could easily hit the ground running," Mapp told the Courier News. "He has residency here in the city, which is something hard for me to ignore when I have someone qualified to do the job."

It is the hypocrisy of our political leaders that I condemn. Even after his reinstatement there were questions about his awarding contracts while side stepping the usual bid procedures.

It is the willingness of our electorate to accept even praise the lack of morals among our political leaders that disturbs me.  We praise and revere those who as Gloria says "Know how to play the game", especially if we see some benefit for ourselves. America will never be great if we continue to admire and vote for such individuals.

The Resolution without the phrase “and honor” is no different than the thousands of the pro-forma resolutions recognizing or expressing condolences for an active member of the community passed routinely by that august body.. As amended the Council could pass such a resolution.

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