Monday, August 1, 2016


What a weekend! Rain in our neck of the woods caused flash flooding in Monmouth, Middlesex and Somerset counties and severe flooding in Mercer County in the Princeton area.

Once again the light fixture over my toilet was the source of dropping water. The spot in the roof remains a mystery to the roofers.

Trump continues to shoot off his mouth and/or twitter without thinking. what he says. He will ignore statements he made a year ago to make one 180 degrees opposite as the only fact that he has uttered or embraced...

Hillary too has distorted the truth to serve her purposes. See

I arrived for my doctor’s visit 15 minutes early. His PA took me inside 15 minutes past my appointment time. I sat in a room for 45 minutes then saw the doctor himself for less than 10 minutes.

There is some good news. According to “The Nation”,” an array of new voting restrictions were struck down in North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Kansas. This followed rulings the previous week softening voter ID laws in Texas and Wisconsin and striking down Michigan’s ban on straight-ticket voting. When you include a court decision in Ohio from May reinstating a week of early voting and same-day registration, anti-voting laws in six states have been blocked so far in 2016.”


And, the Government is going to block the planned two Health Insurers planned mergers that will further restrict public choice in health care. Too bad the powers that be have not cracked down on the conglomerations of hospital into an entities that control hospital beds and providers for an area. Both tend to restrict services and patient freedom of choice..


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