Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Last night’s Council meeting was routine and would have been bland if councilor Gloria Taylor had stayed at home as she is wrought to do for Agenda Fixing Meetings

However fixating on the recent series of murders –seven this year, she chose to rant for about 20 minutes during the Committee report  period mostly about the lack of “Community Policing” , and that the city was not doing enough for the families of the victims.

Taylor ignored the Council President’s attempts to tell her she was out of order and she should make her remarks at the end of the meeting.
She did resume her comments at the conclusion of the public session when Councilors can have their say on non-agenda items.

Although she would remark that she had the utmost respect for Public Safety Director Riley and the Police Department; the focus of her attack was once again an attack on the Police and its Director.

Recalling her attempt to reintroduce a Resolution  that had been voted on in March calling for an investigation of the Police she is shooting for a “Council/Citizens Oversight Committee” of the Police. Despite claiming that this was not political  her attacks on the Mayor made this such an issue.
Taylor accused the City of being only reactive not pro-active to the crime issues and youth in especially the 1st and 4th  Wards.
She praised Councillor Rev. Brown for officiating at 4 of the funerals.

Councillor Brown noted that the City’s biggest failure was to provide recreation complex facilities for the City’s youth. An example that she did not point out was the complex in Rahway.

Councilor Brown is 100% right. The South Second Street old Wood’s factory site would have been the ideal area for such a campus development, and although suggested  during the Rutger’s  Commission recommendations for Plainfield years ago was ignored.

Initiative for such complexes should have been started in the Council if various Administrations had no priority for youth except hot air without the Balloon.


  1. Doc,I believe Taylor praised Rev.Brown for not eulogizing four victims but for providing free funerals for families without life insurance.

    1. 4:12, By "officiating" I presume Gloria meant the religious service which is more than an eulogy. Did Brown pay for the coffin,the undertaker, the grave, the actual burial? That is what Gloria wants the city to do, which it can not by present law but the county does.