Tuesday, April 5, 2016


If I may quote today’s Plaintalker’s quote from Councilor Taylor’s remarks Monday night; to whit ““On March 21, Taylor had warned of a "culture of disconnect" and said, "That’s why we killed Officer Gleason." She said Monday her comment was "a rhetorical statement" and she was saying the community killed Gleason.

Since I am very naïve and not an “Educator”; I had thought that  “rhetorical” was used  as an adjective to  a “Question”  implying that it would  create a specific  theoretical condition but not a question to be answered. As an adjective to a noun it can mean:” grandiloquent, magniloquent, bombastic, grandiose, pompous, pretentious, overblown, oratorical, etc. All are intended strengthen the impact of the statement; i.e.: “we killed”.

Furthermore Taylor clarifies her meaning was that the “Community killed Gleason”.and by inference of “we” she was part of the Community that was responsible for such a heinous act.

Aside from the question whether Gloria was a resident of Plainfield or as I believe, another community at that time I take umbrage in the implication that the overwhelming law abiding citizens of Plainfield including myself participated in or condoned such a mob action.

I find it difficult that our Council accepts her remarks as just the bombastic rantings of a self-centered person who wants to be in the public limelight.
In ‘claiming her words had been twisted, she said, "Somebody went and told them what I said.” Taylor should be censored, not embraced and defended for her “Trumpisms”

Responsible Administrators and legislators tend to work for unity and cohesiveness, not constant divisiveness while professing support.


  1. "constant divisiveness while professing support".

    A perfect description coupled with just the right cartoon.

  2. Well said and on point. It will be good for Plainfield when we have council members who work for the community and unity. Without unity you don't have community. I think that should be self-evident to a so-called educator.

  3. I still don't get the, "Somebody went and told them what I said.” ...
    She stated it in public, on record, in front of a group of city residents while being video'd...
    No, Gloria Trump, YOU TOLD EVERYONE.
    Put your big girl panties on and take responsibility for your actions and your absent minded rants.. Awesome apology by the way.

  4. Politicians. A narcissistic, self centered subspecies of the human race that are dedicated to improving their lot in life at all cost, no matter what!
    Sometimes we get lucky and their self serving actions actually benefit the rest of us, although that is quite rare!