Monday, April 11, 2016


Alan Goldstein is vindicated. The City Administration silently admitting that the Sysnet contract was awarded in violation of City Pay to Play Ordinances request the resolution be withdrawn and that new RFP will be requested.

I am confused if the Council voted to table the resolution or passed a vote to withdraw it in accordance to Administrations wishes. Unless Parliamentary rules have changed once an item is on the agenda it cannot be “withdrawn” the proper action is to “table it indefinitely” that in essence kills the resolution forever.

Otherwise this was the least contentious Council meeting I have attended in the past few years and was over in a little more than an hour 15 minutes. There were about a baker’s dozen citizens in attendance.

Several Councilors asked questions about resolutions that could have been asked in the Agenda Fixing Session before placing on the agenda. The two resolutions wavering local residence for positions in the Health Division stimulated a question from Taylor if there were no local residents to fill those position. When told that they required special qualifications, Councilor Taylor suggested that there be a training program so that locals could be hired.

To make this blog worthwhile here are several editorial cartoons; no favoritis‘


  1. Olddoc how do you feel this morning knowing the administration side swiped you again. I read your post yesterday in reference to thwe council playing politics when it was the administration thinking they could get away with what ever they want. I will e glad when you along with others open your eyes and see that this administration is the worst that the robinson-briggs administration. As for the council questioning the legality of this contract had you been at the agenda fixing session you would have heard all the questions asked. It was the corporation council who is as crooked as the map administration that informed council member's that this was legal even when they insist it wasn't. YOU WILL WAKE UP SOONER THAN LATER AND SEE THAT YOUR TAX DOLLARS ARE BEING WASTED ENEV MOORE BY THIS ADMINISTRATION. Every thing this mayor and the rest of his gang including you blamed the robinson-briggs administration of doing they are doing two times more. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU.

    This probably will not get posted. And no it wasn't Alan Goldstein whom got vindicated it was the council member's whom question this reso last week whom was vindicated. Shame on that shameful cooperation council for not giving good advice to the council. I suggest the council looking into hiring their very own attorney if they want to stay on solid legal ground,

    1. Are you for real? Yes this did get posted only because the spelling and typos suggest that this is a contrived document from someone who will not identify themself either for shame or acting as someone's alter ego.