Saturday, April 30, 2016


Monday’s Council meeting’s agenda standing alone seems to be one without controversy. However there is one resolution to reject the awarding of bid for the sale of city owned property at 216-218 West Front St.per:The City of Plainfield in accordance with Ordinance No. MC 2014-26 offered 216-18 West Front Street, Block 249 Lot 5 to the contiguous owners. It was later determined that the successful bidder did not meet the City's bid requirements.

It is now 16 months since the property was offered for sale and the question is why did the City accept the bid in the first place? What bid requirement was not met?

The time consuming events on May 2 will be the discussion with PMUA. Also the preceding Special Meeting to adopt the 2016 budget and the amending resolutions Since I cannot attend I will have to rely on other bloggers and citizen’s email information to understand (and comment) on these portions of the evening’s happenings.

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