Friday, April 22, 2016


It seems that during my week’s hiatus the approximate 2100 concerned Plainfield voters awoke and the majority decided avowed transparency in secrecy and walk on decisive resolutions do not constitute the basis for a progressive education system.

Once again it is evident that the turning over the responsibility of this most important element of municipal affairs to the whims of a minuscule fraction of the electorate is not in our best interests.

I have always been an advocate of an appointed board by the Mayor with Council approval. If desired a small fraction could be elected annually at the primary or general election when turnout best represents interested voters.

Those who object that this is a way to increased patronage and graft perhaps should look into their hearts and give evidenced that the present system is preventative.

There was an op-ed in todays WSJ that I am trying to get permission to use. Will post something on this  thoughtful  subject this weekend.

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