Monday, April 11, 2016


Resolution 143-16; authorizing the expenditure of $37500.00 for this year and if continued $35K annually fora contract with Sysnet Solutions for a “reliable” computer records fail system, had had negative discussion from Taylor, Tolliver and Rivers at the Agenda fixing meeting.

Once again Taylor perhaps from often expressed her intimate knowledge of politics especially through her husband discerned “something fishy” in this resolution.

All three seem to ignore the fact that protection of computer based electronic records may well be beyond the capabilities of local based IT personnel

Plainfield has already had its data held for ransom due to defects in our systems including lack of cohesion, backups, alien ware controls, individual access controls all of which have made our data potentially open to hacking.

It is time that various councilors stop their political grandstanding and act according to their fiduciary responsibility for the benefit of the city instead of self-serving agendas.

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  1. Is this political grandstanding, or was passing a Pay-To-Play ordinance back in 2011 grandstanding? These services aren't particularly unique, so why violate P2P and limit the field?