Thursday, January 7, 2010


Jan. 7th AM: Recent changes in so called life style has resulted in a different am routine. No longer will I or am I getting up before the crack of dawn. That is a positive. The result is that by the time I finish what must be done. it is too late to post my blog for am readers. I intend but not today to have it on line by noon. If not asap in the afternoon.

This is not an apology but a statement that there is enough in the world for my take on potpourri.


  1. As they say in the Westerns

    Reckon we'll meet again at High Noon

  2. We need not all try to match Dan's timetable for aggregated Clips. Stuff happens all day and all night, so post when you will and aggregators be damned.

  3. It seems that the computer not I will post when it will.Somehow, because I had started to write about the BOE yesterday and neever finished it, "TOO BELATED" was posted this afternoon (12/7/10) at 3PM not Jan 6 in tyhe am as listed. I thought I had corrected the time (about 4 times) so the blogs would be in proper sequence but microsoft has other ideas.