Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just Potpourri

Is it not a commentary on American politics, when the outcome of Health Care Reform depends on today's Senatorial election in Massachusetts. The Democrats are already making plans to try to get the House to quickly approve of the grossly flawed Senate Bill if they should lose the Kennedy seat.

They are sure that once they lose their 60th vote in the Senate they will not be able to pass another more realistic bill through the Senate. Under any circumstances they are not delivering what is needed to make available adequate care to all. They are also ignoring the true costs by taking certain cost in creasing subjects out of the omnibus bill and passing them as separate unrelated matters.

Tonight's BOE meeting's agenda again seems like a short novel. Most of it is approval of what should be personnel matters that are the Administrative responsibility yet need board oversight.
One item I am curious about, What is the "Perkins Grants"? It (or they) seem to use a large amount of human resources.

While that is going on, I shall be at the Council meeting. Since we are all i n the dark as to the Agenda, will there be surprises in appointments or even any report on the status of searches for various Directors and managers?

One serious matter. Yesterday I removed a malicious commentary that I had posted , but on reviewing found it contained numerous personal charges that were unsustainable but character assassinating. I had posted it with a followup comment of my own that only hiding under the banner of anonymous could the writer escape being sued for slander. My comment was obviously not strong enough so that I did remove the commentary. I subsequently learned that the same person posted similar remarks in the cesspool known as the Star Ledger Forum.

I promise that in the future I will exclude any comment that bears an unsubstantiated personal attack submitted anonymously. That may and can include those using a "pen name".


  1. I am very cynical on the 60 vote requirement. I think the polictical machinary was exposed when we now see that the Democrats are their own worst enemy. If they lose the Mass Seat, they can once again blame the Republican boogey man to hide behind the broken political system.

  2. The people of Mass. have spoken. The democrats have pushed too far too fast and without open discussion.
    Could sound new government be possible in Plainfield? Is there hope for us yet? I will think about this when I dodge the unsafe broken streets driving past the failing schools, past the bloated and inefficient PMUA and past the City Hall building where the lights are on but nobodys home.

  3. In the end, it is all about accountablility.

    Everyone blames everyone else for their problems.

    No one wants to hunker down, identify the problem, make the hard choice (which will piss people off), and take action.

    So much of politics is "covering your ass so you won't get blamed, so you'll get re-elected and keep your cushy benefits and position."

    Hard choices are telling people NO YOU CAN'T HAVE IT. WE CAN'T AFFORD IT. THERE ARE NO FREE RIDES!!