Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bill Hetfield

Bill Hetfield's unexpected passing comes as a shock to all civic minded Plainfielders.

Bill best represented the transition from the old guard of Plainfield to the present. He never lost his desire to preserve that which made Plainfield the Queen City. In his desire to restore the city's vitality, he ran unsuccessfully for mayor against insurmountable odds .

Bill continued the tradition of the family's intimate personal involvement in the welfare of the city as well as the existence of Muhlenberg Hospital.

To the Hetfield family, I extend my sincere condolences on their tragic loss.


  1. His Loving hospital--almost around the corner might have saved Bill Hetfield's life is my thought so sad, such a loss Bill and we don't know how many others w/o our M Med'l Center! RBG

  2. RBG, Until all facts are known the presence or absence of MRC may have impacted on the outcome. There are many factors that have to betaken into account such as how long he had symptoms before help was sought. How long it took for the Rescue squad and the MER vehicle with trained techs to arrive and his physical state when treatment was started.Who was monitoring first response treatment, a physician? and how closely.

    There is no question that Muhlenberg was well organized to treat Heart Attacks from first call. I have no knowledge of JFK's capabilities and I hope I never have to find out. The time factor alone could be deadly.