Wednesday, January 20, 2010

POLITICS 1/20/2010

An old axiom is that when writing a letter while in a "pique" one should put it aside for several hours then reread it, tear it up and rewrite another letter on the same subject. Next put it away overnight. Upon rereading it the next morning you may still wish to send a less stringent epistle.

My Council report will wait, not because of what was to me a not insignificant faux pas, but Plaintalker has covered the meeting in depth. Perhaps tomorrow I shall express some generalized comments.

Of greater significant than Plainfield's Council on a national scale was the election of a Republican to the late Senator Kennedy's seat. In a state that is 3:1 Democratic in registered voters there is a message that politicians should not ignore; the public can get fed up with individual legislatures with their party's support, using legislation aimed at public benefit to grab funds for their own pet agendas. The deal with Senator Nelson gaining complete Federal funding for Medicaid exclusively in his state in exchange for his support was one of the most fragrant of many ball breakers the Dems used in the Senate to pass their corrupted version.

Forgotten in Health Care reform is the fact that those who were denied coverage before and the elderly will now have to pay markedly increased premiums to maintain coverage. The public is not too naive to have missed that there has been a great deal of flim-flam to hide the true cost of what ever is being delivered.

It will be interesting to see if there is a concerted effort to have the house pass the unaltered horrendous Senate Bill just to get legislation on the books. With the Republicans now being able to maintain a filibuster another health bill completely manufactured by the Democrats may never reach the floor.

One week later the enormity of the disaster of the Haiti Earthquake has still not completely hit us. I am , because this blog is already too long, post some information regarding the role of Health Care professionals in the relief effort.

I wonder if those who are already actively opposing the arrival of orphaned children into the country for sanctuary and possible adoption, are dedicated house of worship attendees.

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