Saturday, January 16, 2010


The State Department of Education's "AYP report regarding the Plainfield schools may actually represent progress. Most of the elementary schools passed. Three that were reported as failed did not seem to have any grading in the two areas checked thus the reason of failure is not obvious. Jefferson failed the reading/language arts test. Maxson failed the math test for year#4, while both Hubbard and the High School failed both portions of the test for the 7th year.

I am not privy to last years testing but if the records for the lower schools represent an improvement, I would consider that both middle schools and the high school will improve as the students who are at present in the elementary schools matriculate. Maxon this year passed the "reading/language arts" portion of the testing.

The alternative could be extensive extra-curricular tutoring in the early years in the middle schools.

Serendipitously, coincidentally with all the flack about the BOE and PSS and certification today's mail brought a "Progress Flyer" (or propaganda) from the Superintendent of Schools. Impressive but I am confused "Measurable" and "Tangible" Highlights. Measurable is either by a criteria or against a standard. So I expect that everything listed under that heading is compared to the last year of the previous administration.

Tangible is either "Substantially real" or "capable of being precisely identified". I grant that everything listed represents an improvement but I am not sure that "Tangible" is a correct definition. Never-the-less all represent a needed plus for the district.

What is missing are the basic information about improvements in the operating structure of the BOE and the PSS's TO. Until there is true "transparency" any scholastic improvements are endangered.


  1. I don't think it was coincidental that Dr. Gallon's mailing arrived at about the same time the report on school failures came out. Surely the administration had the information in time to put out this mailing. More propaganda, distraction, and self-promotion, if you ask me. I share your hopes, Doc--but tempered with caution. Not everybody reads the papers, and the mailing went to everybody in Plainfield. After all, there's a school board election coming up.

  2. I think that Union County should have one superintendent who is in charge of all the schools.

    Actually, I really think that Plainfield should do away with its middle and high schools and send the kid to the surrounding areas.

    The BOE can't seem to do anything. How long have some of these people been members? At least as long as the schools have been failing for 7 years. So the BOE is useless and doesn't care about the kids.

    The people of Plainfield could care less. You have 800 people voting on who will watch a 64 million dollar budget. They don't care. And we are literally ruining people's lives. Where are these kids going to go after HS? What are they going to do with their lives? WE have ruined them.

    Are the principles the same in the failing schools from when the reports came out 7 years ago? If so, it doesn't take a genius to figure they may be the cause. You know, the definition of insanity.

    Let's at least give them a chance and send them to school districs that can teach.

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  4. Rather strong words.Can you back them up? Of course as anonymous you are safe from any possible legal action.

    One can not deny that there has been an improvement in the school system as far as education is concerned. Problems remain with BOE and SPSS.

  5. On reflection 1/17/10-7:14 PM's comments approached the limits of respectability, and in posting it I had added a comment that without the cloak of anonymity certainly the writer could, nay would be subject to legal action. I certainly would initiate suit if I were the person being attacked'

    I apologize to anyone I may have offended by that posting and have deleted it.

    There are issues that remain that must be resolved and openly no covered by "confidentiality".