Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I have never promised not to support a candidate nor a party or to be non political in my blog. I have in the past noted before an election the candidate that I would vote for , but that is personal preference not an endorsement in the true political sense. And, in the coming 4 weeks if circumstances change I reserve the right to withdraw any endorsement.

Politically in 1941 when I could first vote, I registered as a Republican. During the years from 1946 when I returned from service and settled permanently in Plainfield, to be a Republican meant that your primary election vote was important in determining local and county politics, and to an extent State as far as the legislature was concerned. Also for many years until the emergence of Plainfield's Pete Williams the Republican primary decide the next Congressman.

That being noted, I never let a label "Republican" influence my vote for President, Senator, and Governor. That vote has always gone to the individual who in my small opinion was best qualified. On rare occasions unfortunately it has gone to the one I felt would not "hurt the state the most". Such negative recommendations are dangerous, but our politics are such that unfortunately that is not the choice.

The past year I had to admit to myself that if I was going to be the good citizen and let my vote have an impact on our government at the local/county level I had to switch my tag and vote in the only local meaningful primary, that of the Democrat Party. The number of registered Democrats to Republicans is somewhere between 5 or 8 to 1. Still, there are a large number who have never declared any party affiliations who may influence the general elections..

I am not committed to vote a straight ticket. I never have done so and never will. Remember that party affiliation does not bind you to vote for the party's candidate. For Democracy to work YOU MUST VOTE FOR THE ONE YOU THINK WILL DO THE MOST GOOD.

This year the votes in my ward that will decide our political future are limited to (1) Mayor, (2) State Assembly, and (3) Governor/Lieutenant Governor.

I have already written that I feel that our City Administration is morally and politically bankrupt and that nothing recent has caused me to reconsider. Certainly not the handling of the Monarch situation, or the delay in presenting the provisional 2010 budget. I can not vote for Briggs. There are as of this moment two other Candidates in the field.

JIM PIVNICHNY, running on the Republican ticket has convinced me that his interests are solely to return Plainfield to the vibrant City it once was. He has business experience, organizational skills and the ability to work with others. Because he calls himself a Republican he is not Cheney nor George W Bush but is himself, a person with a genuine desire to fight great odds in the hope of helping his community.

JIM PIVNICHY offers the only assurance for an administration and cabinet that will work efficiently, economical and cooperatively with a cooperative Council to repair the city's long neglected infrastructure, and start Plainfield back on the road of economic recovery and a desirable place to bring up our children.

For the two state Assembly seats. Invisible party hack Stender has offered nothing to Plainfield. Our own Jerry Green has failed us on all important local issues. On the most important the loss of Muhlenberg there is vague evidence that earlier involvement with Solaris may have clouded his actions and political affiliation tied his hands from attempting active intervention in favor of keeping the Hospital open.

The recent issue of what Jerry Green knew of the Caribbean Festival and what his involvement was is a matter of one man's publicly uttered words and an other's written explanation, The truth may be somewheres between these statements but unless Mr, White is required to retract under oath some credence must be given to his , unlikely as it may have seemed,
statement before the council. His retraction must be made with sworn assurance that no pressure of any type was applied to him.

BO VASTINE has impressed me with his concerns and knowledge of Plainfield's problems and along with his running mate MARTIN MARKS represent a new beginning for the 22nd Assembly District. The 22nd needs the change, party lines in Trenton be damned.

CHRISTIE the imperfect white knight is the only available answer for Governor. Corzine has proven inept, much of his entourage have been found to be guilty of Criminal action and others suspected. While we can't have a clean sweep we can start one piece a a time.

I will vote in their respective races for PIVNICHY. VASTINE and MARKS, CHRISTIE. Hope you will follow me.


  1. Thank you Doc...

    I appreciate your courage in making this public statement. I am fairly confident that Jerry and his crew will attempt to marginalize you...and they will also attempt to portray you as a villain for having an opinion...but your integrity and conviction is stronger than lies.

    Thank you once again for your support!

    Bo Vastine

  2. The nice thing about blogs it that they make the 'marginalization' Bo Vastine noted pretty much impossible. That's why all of the Plainfield blogs are such a thorn in Jerry Green's side. He can't manipulate their writers. And his own blog is inept when it isn't a complete embarrassment to read.

    But too bad you didn't mention Daggett. Not that he has much of a chance, but if Democrats soured on Corzine are planning to vote for Christie out of spite, I hope those folks will consider the third choice for a change.

  3. Although, I dont like any of the choices, my next thought is who can get everyone working together. A Republican Mayor and a Democratic City Council looks like years of stonewalling. Plainfield citizens would be the losers.

  4. Personally, I'm fed up with having to hold my nose every time I go to the polls. This is true again this year with the governor's race. I don't like either of them.

  5. Doc,
    Let's hope Plainfielders get it right this time.

  6. 11:04 AM; See 11:16 concerns abouit the Mayor and Council in Plainfield. Just thinkk how the Democrats and Republicans togetehr would treat Daggett. That is why I didn't mention him.

    11:16; I may be very naive but I have high respect for all of the members of the upcoming 2010 Council, including the local party line and the so called new Democrats in their commitment to Plainfield. I am sure that they will not oppose an independent mayor for pure political reasons, especially if his "cabinet" is one of high quality and openness.

    I hope we get the oportunity to find out.

  7. I would call myself conservative, that said I have a question. Given the various options available and to some extent political reality, is Corzine that bad. Has he restrained the growth of government, (he claims to have done so)for to me this is the key concern now and in the near future. I really don't know much about Christie and Daggett is a nonstarter. As far as your views about local government you are to generous in your 'praise' of the Assemblyman and his helper.

  8. Tsk tsk tsk Doc..you might find yourself labeled like I have been as of late by Mayor Jerry and Asst. Mayor Sharon or one of the "anonymous" ( wink - wink ) supporters. A Jerry attacker. After all he has failed to do for Plainfield and you can't recognize his greatness...how short sighted. And I LOVE YOUR OPTIMISM!! But it is not happening.. we will have 4 more years of Mayor Jerry and Assistant Mayor Sharon. Let's hope the City Council will start giving them the education they both need on how a city is run. Fingers crossed...

  9. I wouldn't completely write off Daggett yet. In 1998 in Minnesota, viewers watching the debates saw Jesse "the body" Ventura's as the clear winner, which radically raised his support in the polls. Consequently, Ventura became a third-party Governor of Minnesota. If NJ tunes into the debates and listens what to what the candidates say, Daggett may win them over yet.

    To 11:16 AM:

    How much progress are we seeing with both the current Democratic mayor and council? If you ask me, Plainfield's citizens already the losers.

    This Novemeber, we face a choice. Either we elect four more years of the same failed leadership to City Hall or we take a chance on a fresh face. I think the latter is our best hope.

  10. Hey, let's not forget that Mayor Sharon and her husband once extolled the virtues of the Republicans as well. Sharon was a member of the Republican County Committee and attended the convention during the Clinton years. I am not saying that to demonize her but just to say that she thought Bob Dole and Bush were better choices than Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Thats her right. Just as it is the right of anyone to vote Democrat or Republican. Jerry Green has Republican friends too, don't forget. He was smiling and gladhanding them during the Whitman years. He may be doing it again if Christie wins. Ideologically there are differences, but at the local level of government, its all about working for all the people. Al mcWilliams used to say that mayors had to be mayors of all the people, not just a given party. Nonpartisan elections in Plainfield would allow people to vote in May and not have to deal with all the partisan garbage that keeps us ideologically separated.