Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Health Care #8 Surprise

I had written a long post about the Hospital ER and also material on the Neighbourhood Health Center but POOF in went into cyberspace and I have not been able to locate it so I will have to reconstruct it. Meanwhile a change of tempo and one that may last until after the Council Agenda Session next Tuesday. I think we have been too intense this August about the forthcoming failure of The Obama administration to deliver a radical new national health care scheme.

I am aware that unlike today's health care, the quality of these pictures is poor, but what can one expect from slides that are about 35 years old.

The place:Kona Village Resort on the "Big Island. When we were there this deluxe "hotel" at only been in operation for a few years and among the "guests" were Military Officers on R&R from Vietnam with their wives.

The theme of this resort was to mimic a Polynesian Village and each of the "Halles" or huts were individual rooms. There was nothing primitive about them. Don't let the thatch roofs fool you. Inside the floors were exotic woods, the large bathrooms had marble counter tops, large tubs and showers etc. Some were around an small inland lagoon, others like the one we had requested were on the Lava field facing the Pacific.

The first photo shows two round Halles on the Lava Field , the second was behind ours at sunset and the third also a peaceful sunset over the Pacific.

The four or five days we spent there were so delightful that several years later we again returned. However, the resort had changed ownership and had become more commercial in that it was holding Luaus for Tourist groups instead of just the guests. By that time we had discovered Hana on Maui on the other side of the island far from the large hotel developments.

I believe I have written about Hana before if not I will do so in the near future. But before that I will post more on Health Care.

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