Wednesday, September 16, 2009


It was apparent that when Council Presdient Burney announced that there would be no action on the "Monarch Abatement" Ordinance that evening and ask the City Administrator to confirm that a delayed had been requested the later was figuratively caught with his pants down. Burney is to be praised to have given the City the chance to save face.

According to the late Tuesday on line CN and which will probably be in today's-Wednesday's printed addition.;" Council President Rashid Burney explained late Monday that additional information the council requested last month "just got to (City Administrator) Marc (Dashield) hours ago," and he added that individual council members had not been able to review it. Dashield said after the meeting that the information included, among other items, a legal review of the city's original contract with Fishman plus independent appraisals on the condo units. Dashield declined to say what the value of those appraisals was; The Monarch's Web site lists "prices in the mid $200,000's" and states that occupancy is expected in "fall 2009."

Considering the public interest in this matter the material referred to should not be sequestered behind executive committee confidentiality. Also who performed the appraisals, including any possible political connection presently or in the past? Who authored the " legal review"?

Is the city moving fast enough to correct its accommodating the real estate interest when it repealed the strict building related codes in 2006. That has left the city as a disaster site where deluxe apartments became slums.


  1. I think Rashid Burney is doing his best in difficult circumstances. Say what you want about his politics and leanings, he is charged with bringing together a council and administration with vastly differing views and approaches.

    I think it is up to the citizens to keep ALL sides of government honest.

  2. I concur with 10:20, Burney is trying to maintain a collaborative relationship between Administration and Council, and unfortunately also within the ruling party.

    Regettably this Administration seems to be morally and politically bankrupt. The recent Senior Citizen episode is an example.

  3. If this is Burney's "best," I think we need to reconsider what best means. I think he is responding to pressure from his constituents going into a reelection year, which is what all politicians do. He has bent over backwards for Jerry Green and the mayor on every issue, and you can check his council voting record. It has only been since Mapp and McWilliams have come on the council that he has begun to veer away from Green and the mayor. The relationship between council and mayor can be collaborative IF the council calls the mayor out on her missteps and vice versa. Again, check his public comments and his voting record. Don't forget that he was leaning in favor of the tax abatement until the people started the revolt. He has been a very timid councilman on a lot of issues, maybe because he didnt think he had the support of anyone other than Storch on some things. Even so,he has refused to call the mayor out on her irresponsible stances when it was the ethical thing to do. That said, I am glad that he is finally setting an agenda that takes into account the thoughts of the people. Now there are two things that he could do that he has refused to even consider.

    bring back the Safe Homes initiative
    change the city council schedule back to one that works for the people, not for the council's "busy" schedules

  4. I also believe the Mr. Burney is trying to do a good job, but he and the council have to deal with an administration that is not always forthcoming or honest. I said honest here, because of the number of times I have caught the administration twisting the truth and I'm sure there a many other occurrences.

    I hope the city council will keep on top of the administration and not buy what they are selling without deep scrutiny. The city council and mayor need to remember that we put them where they are and can remove them if they don't do what's right for the citizens of Plainfield.