Thursday, August 7, 2008

Intramural Football and Other Suff

We all deserve a day of rest from the stagnant MRMC situation. jerry's post at 8:30 PM last night should be of interest to the appealers. He notes that despite Commissioner Howard's statement that she has to revoke Muhlenberg's license when Solaris ceases in patient operation, less than a decade ago when the South Amboy hospital closed its license was kept active for several years. As a lay person I thought that precedence c an determine legal decisions.

I would share something light with you. This is really an extension of the earlier after-school sports post. However, if I have already posted this story, you may publicly flagellate (verbally of course) me.

In my 2nd high school year, intramural football was introduced, with the hope it could be a farm system for the varsity.There were two groups; over or under 135lbs.

With most of my West End friends we formed a team called the Tiger Cubs to participated in the under 135lb league. Among them were the Hinkel twins, Don (Boxcar) Smythe, Art Garlick, Norm Bernstein, Charlie Curtis, Peter Paul W?, and others whose names fail me. The School supplied us with shoulder pads (old, well used with no padding left) and a hard rock helmet. Our uniforms were our regular play clothes. I am not even sure if our parents knew about this activity.

There were three other teams, the Rangers, Trojans, and Crusaders. All these teams had uniforms and were probably supported by the local athletic clubs, the Saracens and the Flying Eagles. At game time they seemed like giants. I am sure that some of their players made the weight limit by wearing helium balloons.

The Tiger Cubs were by far the lightest team. A student from the senior class was our coach. We played both ways in those days, and I who must have weighed about 115 lbs. played tackle.

All of our games were high scoring 50-75 points to nothing. The last game we did scored a touchdown! However, we did have a great deal of fun and by their senior high school year, two of our players became varsity all state players. The Rangers and the Crusaders were the leagues powers and must have weighed above the limit. Whenever they ran the Green Bay power sweep, our guys would get out of the way except this idiot who could not make a tackle anyhow.

You may wonder what relation this picture has to do with any of the above. Perhaps nothing since it is a tree. However it is a special tree which is on the Greek Island of Chios, the birthplace of Homer.Supposedly the Bard sat under this tree while he spun his tale of the Trojan Wars.

I tried to sit under its branches in the hope that by osmosis I could acquire the capability that others seem to have to spin a story. I never had a chance. The fence blocked all access.

As a tourist, I had to include my wife in the picture. It must have been a cool spring day, Thus the coat and the leather jacket the man in the right background is wearing.


  1. olddoc - speaking of football, nothing to say about the Jets newest aquistion?

  2. Hey, I have enough trouble trying to keep up with Jerry's blog. However another stupid "trade" is in character. Viva the Jets, Mets, Green and the Rutger's AD.