Saturday, August 9, 2008


Read Councilman Burney's today's Blog
At last the council is acting. Too bad it is reactive not proactive because it is possible that the threat of city legal action might have delayed if not aborted the Commissioner's granting the CN.

The commissioner in her letter charges Solaris to provide their proposed loop van shuttle from MRMC ER to JFK from noon to 8:30 pm. Big deal! Cynicism at its highest. Also I am not sure what is the "medical taxi"service that Solaris is suppose to provide.

Too bad this resolution was not the subject of a special meeting for Monday. The requirements can't be met any more, but the delay for even a week is discouraging.

I would hope the Council would immediately remove the Solaris tax exempt status from that part of the property which is not providing non profit community service.

I am not bloodthirsty, but a garden hose will not put out a fire.

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