Friday, August 1, 2008


I must confess that I have always been an eternal optimist. Everything sooner or later turns out for the best.

While awaiting something earthshaking to write about besides MRMC, I thought that perhaps some pictures could illustrate that hope. My 1950-60ish Minox slides are an example. The top photo is how this scene from the original slide appeared on the computer.

But not all was lost. The bottom picture is after minimal tweaking with Photo Shop. From a photographic disaster I was able to create a pleasant picture. It may have lost some "sharpness" in the transaction but it works.

To the optimist this resurection of a ruined slide can be an allegory for the defunct Muhlenberg. The appeal ( ie: tweaking) may restore Muhlenberg as our hospital. If we persist Plainfield will have a hospital that will suffice for all our needs.However it is important to be able to retain the services of the quality physicians that now practice in this area.

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