Saturday, May 24, 2008


No R&R yet. I read the articles in today's papers (Star Ledger & Courier) regarding the $142 mil cut in hospital's charity aid. Remarkably Trinitas in Elizabeth is to get an increase of $8mil! That takes care of Union County's benefits. Could Lesniak's influence have had an impact? Does this affect Green's and Stender's hands off policy?

Obviously there is NO HOPE for Plainfield.

So much for our Democrat's claim that all should be able to receive health care. Perhaps that is meant to mean all politicians and affluent individuals.

Should it not be time to recall all elected state officials? Replace them with the political naive, We could not be worse off.

I would even entertain the Governorship except (1) I am not a super multi- millionaire,(2)or I do not have other elected or appointed pension generating governmental positions, and (3) least important, I am way too old. I can not qualify.

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  1. I am tired of having to pay my way and having to pay the ways for many that have abused charity care. Plainfield is doomed only if you beleive it. Since this is your belief you should leave, if not immediately. Your comments are no solution.
    My solution is to vote out all politicans that currently hold office and replace them with those who have a vision and passion for the city and NJ. Then keep them in line with the views and concerns of the people. OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW!!!