Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yesterday in her blog, Bernice questioned a Resolution listed on the Council's agenda setting session regarding the transfer of $180,000.00 between theFY2008 Appropriations General Fund. Council members did question this before approval for inclusion for the next Monday's meeting. The explanation included an amount listed as $150,000.00 from "Salary Adjustment to various other departments for "S&W". My impression that these were funds that were budgeted for positions that had been eliminated and were now available for "S&W" in other divisions. Supposedly routine transfers. Since this budget had not been approed in time for first quarter tax payments and most of the 2008 position changes had been administrately completed, the validity of the entire budget process is questionable. If I understood an explanation of the $85,000.00 to the Dir.PW&UD , a unspecified portion is owed to PMUA! I hope we get information on what and why before this resolution is adopted. I think that there was also some mention that funds were owed as far back as 2005.

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