Saturday, May 24, 2008


After the 1997 merger of MRC into the newly formed Solaris organization, The Muhlenberg Board of Governors continued to exist. What was its function under the Merger Agreement? Did it have a responsibility regarding Muhlenberg’s operations? Was it allocated any fiduciary accountability? Or as it seems, was it just a social club created to satisfy egos?

We are entitled to answers to these questions. If Solaris has acted unilaterally in the disposing of MRC assets or in proceeding with its plan to close the hospital were these actions legitimate under the merger agreement. If not is the Muhlenberg Board of Governors legally liable for failing to exercise its fiduciary obligation?

If there is “Board” liability is it for the group, or individuals, or both? If Solaris acted improperly what is its liability?

If there is any question of legal liability, who is the damaged party, and able to collect compensation? What is the community’s interest? Could there be a basis for a “Group” action?

Before the CN is implemented, I would like answers to the above questions. Wouldn’t you?

On a practical track, I would like to have the data for admissions in 2006 &2007: the number of admissions, the diagnosis of each admission, the age group, and the reimbursement grouping. The latter would include self pay, insurance paid at listed rates, HMO’s admissions which could be broken down into carrier contracts, Medicare, Medicaid, Casualty (auto and workman’s compensation), and uninsured uncompensated.

Similar data on ICU and CCU admissions and days stayed is of great importance. All of this should be obtainable, may need a court order.

This data would be of value in (a) determining what kind of a facility can be supported, and (b) if there was a change in patterns in the two years that was detrimental to the hospital.

Unless there is some earthshaking event, the next two days will be devoted to R & R. Have a great holiday weekend

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