Monday, June 19, 2017


Our plane from Columbus was three hours late last night. Thank goodness for TV dinners at 10 pm.  I was attending a "blessed family event; my great grand daughter's Bat Mitzvah- becoming an adult( age 13). 
Obviously I am exhausted and most likely will miss tonight's meeting.

Like all I will miss Bernice's blog. Plainfield has lost its most important source of unbiased news. Years ago bloggers were the 21st Century pamphleteers, but like many things of the past have  fallen to the new, social media including Twitters and of course Facebook.

This blog is now in its  9th year and I intend to continue not as Bernice's  replacement nor daily but as my original concept of Potpourri; items that I find of interest and believe that other s  will enjoy. That includes impressions about meetings as  well as national interests. The first years I shared photos  from trips abroad many off the common European itinerary including visits to Afghanistan and Iran in the era of the Shah the pre Ayatollah American friendly Persia plus my remembrance of Plainfield when it was the Queen City as well as WWII.

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