Thursday, June 1, 2017


A mid-morning doctor’s appointment and my finger peck typing results in just a brief note about the LWV Candidates forum

My most notable conclusion was that the overflowing vociferous mob indicates that there is such a great deal of public interest in this election that the turnout on June 6 will be large. That is a plus for democracy; citizens participation

Otherwise I learned nothing new from the four candidates’ statements that would have made me regret any of my choices on the mail in ballot that I had already submitted.

Indeed most of the answers to the questions read by the moderator were typically politician’s vague promises and without substance. It was too bad that the various claques kept interrupting with loud applause that limited the number of submitted questions in the allotted hour.

Also unfortunately the candidates were seated on the same level as the audience and were not visible to those toward the middle and rear of the room. Their body language could not be observed.

Next time as in the past they should be on the stage.

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  1. You are correct, Doc. I was sitting near you and could not see most of the speakers. Facial expression and body language really are important.