Wednesday, June 28, 2017


 Several days ago I posted an article about this summer's total  sun eclipse. While it will only be partial here you should not look at the sun directly or even  with sun glasses. Paste this link in your address bar for further information. fyi

Once again  the BOE has acted in a self serving manner by appointing another Acting Superintendent of Schools. From 2nd hand reports it seems that the just relieved one acted as she should according to the job description; independent of daily BOE interference. Once again the BOE members do not understand their role and responsibility to the public.

That can be  an inherent fault in an elected board where members have  their own agendas or patronage commitments to fill. I have advocated a board where all or at least the majority of members are appointed by the Mayor with Council approval. I understand that under an administration dedicated to personal favoritism that too could be a disaster; but it is the lesser of two evils.

The Senate vote on the poorly conceived GOP Health Plan has been postponed until some time after the 4th  since at least 9 Republican Senators have indicated they would not support it.
There is too much opposition from various power groups and public interest  factions for many up for election  in 2018/20 to risk  an unpopular Yea vote.

Once again the cartoonists have their say:


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