Tuesday, January 24, 2017


It appears that all of Trump’s cabinet and other nominees stand a good chance to receive their needed Senate approval.

Many seem to have no working knowledge of the functions of their agencies, indeed Perry the head choice to be of the EPA(oops) Secretary of Energy just a year ago had wanted to abolish it, or could not remember it during one of the debates.

Education’s Betsy DeVos thinks guns in the school room are OK to prevent Grizzly Bear attacks. She is an advocate for private school vouchers which would take funds from the public school domain and perhaps conflict with the Church/Government separation principle. Her support for charter schools is less disturbing in areas where the public schools have shown no progress in improving their quality.

Interesting is the fact that Trump has asked James Comey, he of the just before the election “the FBI is investigating new possible Clinton email letters”; to continue as Director of the FBI. A reward??

Most disturbing though is Trump’s use of “alternative facts” in speeches and twitters. The latest being that there were 5 million “illegal votes (i.e. undocumented Hispanics) cast against him otherwise he would have won the popular vote.

Is this a reincarnation of the Goebel’s credo that if you tell a lie often enough and strong enough people will accept it as the truth?

The choice for head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt as Oklahoma's Attorney General sued the EPA, not a friend for emission controls).  Also, today Trump signed Executive Orders reactivating the Dakota Access and Keystone XI projects,s

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