Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 ???

It may be too early to predict what will be new locally and nationally as 2017 begins. However, we have some partial information as a base.

Locally, Mayor Mapp will for the first time have control of the Council as well as the City Democrat Committee. The change from Jerry Green’s power to that of another politician may finally be complete.

The question being if that will mean an improvement for Plainfield? Certainly there has been a positive change in redevelopment which we can expect to continue. One big question is the Muhlenberg property. Ideally but unlikely will be a reactivation of a smaller acute care in patient facility. Even under present health care policies a local focus of multi specialists and primary health care providers is unlikely.

Also can the Administration on the whole give assurance on accountability and responsibility that at times in the past has seem wanting? If as I have been told the calling of a special Town Hall Meeting for the 5th with as of this morning due to the holiday weekend no meeting to create an agenda or set speakers had taken place does not result in confidence

Will our nation under Trump go to hell? I sincerely doubt it but there will be trying times; some dangerous. 

For the first time since the last 2 years of Bush’s Presidency will one party controls both Congress and the Presidency? However that may only be illusionary since there are only 52 Senators and 60 are needed for control; not a simple majority.

That and Senate rule are why there will not be a complete abolishment of the ACA. There are also legal reasons why the framework for individual mandates and the States’ exchanges will remain.

The Republicans will try to initiate some changes by using provisions in the Budget Resolutions for the 2017 fiscal year which will be a first order of business. The Democrats mad over the Republican’s not acting on Obama’s nomination of Judge Garland for the Supreme Court may block as much as they can. Once again the two Parties will play politics and the country be damned.

Another factor with the ACA revisions is that the Republicans do not have any known plan in place. Trump’s nomination for Secretary of Health and Human welfare Rep Tom Price has been an advocate for replacing “mandates” with tax credits for the purchase of insurance.

Other early action will include a Resolution disapproving of the UN Security Council's Resolution 2334 relating to Israel rebuking President Obama's lack of a veto of the resolution. How this plays out with Democrat opposition will be interesting.

Tax reform and house action using the REINS Act, and the Midnight Rules Relief Act to undo some of Obama’s Executive Orders will be on the agenda.

More will follow on Trump’s nominations and appointments as well as Russian relationships

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