Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Over 25 years ago when I retire after 45+ years of medical practice and began a 10 year run as the less time consuming medical director of CJIPA as a good citizen with community interest I began regularly attending the Council and other civic meetings. The exception was in the Gibson era when those meetings were a farce,

In 2008 a started this blog and among the potpourri reported on my impression from these meetings.

Within 2 months I will be 97 and it has become more difficult to attend most meetings due to parking and other logistic problems. Therefore although I will continue to review the agendas I do not plan to go to many if any meetings in the future. 

I will continue to blog not daily but more on a potpourri basis expressing my interests in national and world affairs.2017 should be an most dramatic year, and I hope you will continue to read me and express your opinions; pro or con.

*A great song as sung by Doris Day, not the anti-smoking commercial.

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