Monday, January 16, 2017


I will not be attending Tuesday’s meeting.

I have always found the combining of the Agenda Fixing Session, where discussion and questions on items for action should take place and the Business meeting where action is taken to be irrational.

17 amendments and 7 new Ordinances plus appointments are on the docket. I doubt that anyone who receives the documents Friday can reasonably make knowledgeable decisions the next work day. The week between meetings had a purpose.

Since in the past some Councilors have been notorious for appearing not to have read their packet before the meeting began, I suppose it makes no difference.

Bernice has posted the meat of the meeting which I will not repeat. The changes in the City Code may not be earthshaking but I see no reason to change the title of the Chairperson of the Committee of the Whole especially since we operate under “Robert’s Rules”. Perhaps it is an ego thing.

Yes I would like live screening of the meeting but politicians do not like being exposed to their goofs

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