Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Today I am “write less”. Even if my present temporary mobility restrictions had not prevented me from attending Monday’s two important meetings; the action taken at the PMUA would have been enough of a shock of disbelief to be able to write only three words; “How could they?”

My Grandfather when he lived in NYC always voted for the Tammany (Democrat Boss) party. When asked; why his comment was “We know (?) how much these people steal, we have no idea what the others will do.”

There is also a political philosophy that the end justifies the means. It is not for what is the best for the public but what will get me the power.

This is true in Plainfield and in Northern/Central Jersey there is a fight over Union County as well as Essex and Hudson by a coalition attack on in the long entrenched patronage dispensers. No one wishes to investigate how our area bosses of the past 2 or 3 decades have financially benefited. Instead, they want the pie for themselves.

How else can we explain why the Mayor who was elected on a promise of correcting local “corruption” could appoint such tainted individuals as Eric Watson as Director of Public Works, or via his Commissioners to the PMUA Bryan G. Christiansen formerly executive director of the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission until he was removed by Gov. Chris Christie.

H. L. Mencken has remarked that “A good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar”.

I was never convinced that we were dealing with a “good politician”. When I voted for him I knew that he was what he is; but anybody had to be better than the Administration we had and the supporting Council members.

The truth is that Mapp has lost all credibility. We are now caught between a rock and a hard place; Jerry Green et al and the “New Democrats” in the upcoming primary elections.

The only choice is out with the old, in with the opposition and hoping a generation of committed civic servants can come to the fore and be elected respectfully of party affiliations.


  1. Mayor Mapp have aligned himself with the corruption of Eric Watson and Henry Robinson. This is a shame. I hope he dumps Eric Watson before it's to late. Just watch the corruption that will be taking place over at the PMUA. Mr. Robinson and Mr. Watson is 2 of the same.

  2. Olddoc, please do not publish this comment. This is Bo Vastine...I was thinking of an angle that you might take in approaching the choices for this year's election. As a man of medical science you know that the only way to have a truly informative outcome when doing medical research is to maintain the absolute tightest controls. If you change multiple variables during the experiment, at the same time, there is no way of knowing which input had the adverse/positive affect. The result of this is bad science and/or a lack of a cure. In Plainfield, there has been consistent turnover with the Mayor’s office, Council Members, Administrators, Commission Board Members and service providers over the last twenty years. Yet, Plainfield continues to struggle towards realizing its potential...in fact; some would say things have gotten worse. The one leadership variable which has not changed in over twenty years in Plainfield has been that Jerry Green has been in control. If we are to look at the problem from a scientific perspective, one would conclude that perhaps this is the variable which, if changed, would change the outcome and produce the greatest results for Plainfield. I know that you know all of this...but perhaps this line of argument and reason, coming from a learned man of medical science, would have the impact needed to get through to those who would otherwise try to blame the council, mayor, public, police and the man in the moon. This one variable is what will make the difference between finding a cure and continuing to be at the bottom of the barrel. Let me know your thoughts and perspective. I would love to see this line of reasoning introduced by you and then expanded on by Cory and others including myself. my email address is: bovastine4assembly22@gmail.com

  3. Mapp may have lost some credibility, but not all of it. Compare him with his predecessor and it becomes clear that he is an improvement! (And then of course there is Jerry Green.)

  4. Anon 11:23 I would love to look through your glasses but I can not.

    What's happening in Plainfield right now is just a complete shock!!!!



    1. I say shame on the people of Plainfield who have had enough but don't vote.

  5. Hello Old Doc, I understand you are in shock, that's because after all is said and done, you believe Plainfield can become what it was when you were actively engaged in the welfare of its people as a gifted doctor. I'm not shocked because I don't believe that. I voted for Mapp, in spite of the fact he is a committed Obama disciple. I hoped he would be better than his predecessor, but my instincts proved true however. Angelo, not anonymous.