Friday, May 1, 2015


Today has been a very busy day, thus a late blog of Potpourri

The preprimary propaganda has started with an attack on the “Mapp Team” Column C. on the ballot. There is a statement made that the Mapp Administration “has been plagued with mismanagement. Plainfield has already lost over $500,000.00 in Grant money.” NO facts given, was this related to the recent special meeting that 4 members of the Council did not show? How much Grant funds were never applied for or diverted by last minute actions during the previous Administration’s 8 years?

Mapp is being accused of playing politics with the Recreation
Department. Ignored is the suggestion that there was corruption and what seems to have been excessive patronage in that department under Robinson-Briggs.

As an addendum to the blog on PMUA non payments it is to be noted that from the 2nd quarter 2014 through the 1st quarter 2015 Greaves paid a total of $317.48 on her city taxes. Former Councillor Reid has not paid any of his 2014 taxes or for the 1st quarter this year. Both have a record of being delinquent in tax payments in the past and when paid there is no record of interest charges. Council President Rivers did pay on time her 2014 taxes but is delinquent this year.

Of course Taylor gets a free ride to judge how much money we pay and how it is spent. That is not withstanding that her pensions may be more than the average Plainfielder’s income.

Bernice in Plaintalker II has again called attention to the Lampkin House saga. It is a crime that the governing body of this city has been so callus to let a historic treasure disintegrate. Over the past several decades there has been little accountability regarding the city’s community assets.

There may be many an untold story regarding the Monarch travesty. Was Dornoch ever paid off? There has been no report on that status. I had from the start questioned the fire safety of the construction of the building as well of other “apartment developments in recent years due to the apparent light frame wooden construction. During the past few years we have seen in other developments that sprinklers are not always the protection from a disaster.

That however is not the real question here. Why was the Dornoch permitted to turn the unsold apartments into rentals when the building was supposed to be deluxe condos? Did the city have any responsibility by inspections over the conditions in the building? If so was there negligence?

Oh there is good news today; In Baltimore the responsible Police officers are being indicted in Gray’s death; one on a HOMOCIDE 2 charge.

The investigation into “ Bridgegate” has led to the indictment of three individuals. As of this moment there has been no evidence to implicate Christie. That may come out during the trial, but once again there are those in positions of authority who believe themselves to be above the law and abuse their power.

I await the posting of Monday’s agenda.


  1. What a grand way to look at the city's problems: Jerry's kids on the council prevent Mapp from doing what's needed and then Jerry complains and blames Mapp because those things haven't been done. OZ, indeed.

  2. When I received Jerry's mailer I wanted to find him and tell him off. The flyer is pure lies from people who we can't trust any more to be our elected officials. The flyer doesn't mention that Plainfield ran short of money becuase Jerry's kids on the City Council gutted the Mapp budget and Jerry's kids hurt the city by doing this. They also forget to mention how many people Sharon hired to repay Jerry and other politicians for their patronage. Sharon, like Jerry, used giving jobs as a way of contolling people. Bridget Rivers is the unprofessional Council President she is because Jerry got her a job and he also got Sharon a job she isn't qualified for and doesn't deserve. Let's ask Jerry what he's done for Plainfield lately. Don't hold your breath, he won't be able to answer truthfully. As a member of the Plainfield Democratic City Committee I will be calling the county headquarters and telling them to take me off their mailing list, as I don't support lies and dirty politics.
    Bob Bolmer, Ward 2, District 1

    1. Don't waste your time calling them, that was a bulk mailing sent to everybody in town, not just committee people. And besides, Jerry IS the Union County Democratic Party, not only does he run this m***f***ing town but he also runs this m***f***ing county..

  3. Hey bob who do you think runs the hq ?

    1. I know that most people got that mailing as the garbage bin by the mail boxes in my building was, rightfully, full of them. Jerry is the king of dirty politics and maybe now he can understand why I refused to run on his ticket. I wouldn't back the clueless Vera Greaves of give creedance to people like Rivers or Taylor who are in it for Jerry and themselves. Maybe Jerry should have mentioned that his people on the City Council cut the budget for this year and then the crap hit the fan. We can do better than Jerry and his kids and that's why I'm in Column C in the June Primary. We definitely can't do worse.

  4. They sure do pick and chose what meeting they want to "phone in" or not. Someday it will collapse in a huge legal battle with the citizens paying the bill.