Sunday, May 3, 2015


May 3, 2015: One beautiful warm Sunday. Oh would the rest of this month be like this with some rain late each night. California had a mild earthquake yesterday in the Los Angeles area. That one was the second one in a month in the same location.

We think that the earth is quiet except for man caused tumult ala Baltimore. However in the past 24 hours there have been 31 earthquakes all over the world; fortunately none over a “mild” 4.2 magnitude.

In our own part of the world there were 3in Alaska, 3 in California, 2 in Mississippi, 1 in Texas, 1 in Michigan. 1 in Idaho and 2 off the Virgin Islands.

In Oz there seems to have been one at the PMUA. We may learn the details Monday, thank you Bernice. There is also a Council Agenda Fixing Session Monday night and a quick look at the agenda suggests that the resolutions up for discussion should not cause any uproar. However one never knows.

There is a Resolution permitting a banner over “city’s sidewalks and roadways announcing the Month of Ramadan fasting”. That may come close to a question of separation of “church and state” clause in the Constitution, but we do have citywide Christmas decorations and City Hall Trees as well as a “Menorah”.

There is a resolution authorizing a lien for $181,153.00 for the demolition of the property at 187-191 North Ave. Since there was documented need from 2008 on there is a question about the delay and the circumstances. That will have to be answered.

Several Ordinances up for first reading are of interest. One makes the City Clerk responsible for supervising the Office of Vital Statistics which includes issuance of marriage licenses. Another removes those functions from the Division of Health. Is there now a full time Health Officer?

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