Tuesday, May 18, 2010


"Old doc objects to Dan' Every morning unless I have an early appointment, the first thing that I do when I turn on my computer is to open Plainfield Today and if it is not up I go to CLIPS, which happened to be #1 today.

Such a greeting! No I do not object to Dan. In fact I have always liked him and his two public blogs,each of which are unique. CLIPS is a tremendous public service, Dan has filled a role of blog facilitator which makes life easy for us clunkers. Plainfield Today, is a personal cosmopolitan blog that can be an exposer, or a whistle blower. or white knight charger. or just an expression of one man's opinions as well as a daily guide to local events.

At least in the "green" of CLIPS, Dan did modify his comment to read; (Olddoc) "pitches Plainfield blogs (tho not happy with Dan's post on Burney fence matter").

Not happy, Dan, is the correct term. I do not object to your being politically biased in YOUR BLOG. You are an outspoken political activist and anyone with minimal intelligence expects your personal blog to reflect that trait. What I was unhappy about was you indulging in a form of mudslinging at the rival to your candidate. Both Rashid Burney and Rebecca Williams deserve better than that, not to ignore Dan Davis the third in the race.

There is an old expression "Blue Monday" which did not fit yesterday. I can't remember any such term for today, perhaps "Gloomy Tuesday" will suffice. Certainly it is a day when one would like to pull the covers over one's head and sleep in. Alas that is only a luxury that seemed to belong in one's long forgotten youth. So---Back to the present.

To be controversial today is too depressing. I am sure though that tonight's BOE meeting, if I get there, may provide enough material for a blog or two. I am also positive that no matter what each of writes that there will be as JG would say "a bunch of naysayers". I will therefore reserve my pontificating hat for tomorrow.

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