Saturday, May 8, 2010


Ms Hernandez has posted this explanation on her blog why the BOE members failed to attend the Emergency Meeting. We thank her.

"Apparently at 2:18 PM on yesterday (I shared a copy of the emailed communications received with those who stopped to inquire and were REALLY interested in the TRUTH) the lawyers sent an email to the Board Members expressing concerns about the legality of the meeting AND advising of potential culpability if attended. "

Question, was the source of the email the Board's Counsel ? What was the specific danger of culpability? {ADDED 6:50 AM: If Hamlin or associates sent the warning,since their own "job" was a subject matter, was the email a threat to prevent action on the Board Counsel position? While I would consider the first 3 items legitimate subject for an emergency meeting, the BOE Attorney should be an item for routine discussion and at the May business meeting. Someone should make public the mysterious email, not sent to all board members. Its source is of importance.}

Also remaining unanswered is who drew up the resolution calling authorizing the meeting? When was it drawn up? Does the BOE President have the right to unilaterally call for such a meeting? In fact does the BOE's Rules of Order have a specific article relating to the calling of special or emergency meetings? If so what are the provisions?***

AS noted before the BOE Friday night compounded the sorry mess that is engulfing Plainfield and its schools.

The issues raised must be addressed, but not as part of a work committee session but at a regular business meeting or a special meeting called for the specific action(s) as noted in the agenda.

*** 9:30 AM-See Maria's blog for answer. The Board rules of order follow standard Roberts' and Sturgis parliamentary law.


  1. There was a special meeting called legitimately by the Board president and her so-called supporters simply didn't show. Now they claim the meeting wasn't legitimate and they are wrong. I think they were scared off by a letter from the Board attorney we all know needs to be replaced. Renata's blatherings don't excuse their conduct.

  2. I don't think see was asking to be excused but rather offer those in the public who were interested the truth of what occurred.

    Your blatherings I doubt has helped a child to read, do a mathmatics problems or contributed at all to a productive society.