Friday, May 28, 2010

THE DEMOCRAT PRIMARY ( is there another?)

Memorial week end and then the heavy mail/computer-phone/email/blog barrage for the party candidates on the June 8th election slates.

In Plainfied we have one important race for the 2nd/3rd Ward Seat and 3 Candidates. Each and every one is qualified by experience and/or community activity. Two have had Council experience, the third one is a college educator who has been active with the anti-Green block (ie: New Democrats) and at the same time involved in community organizations.

What makes this interesting is yesterday's mailing from Assemblyman Green purportedly supporting the County Line Ticket for House of Representatives, Sheriff , County Clerk Freeholder, and City Council.

The Reverse side of the mailing has 2/3rds self praising Green's "accomplishments" in Trenton and the Hospital situation. I am happy that he wrote in his recommendations that(1) the Commissioner's office should review this entire process from the beginning.". He had met with the Director of the Office of Legislative Services for DH&SS, not the Commissioner too discuss the "EMS Vehicle" which Solaris has not provided. I am not sure if he was talking about an Ambulance or the MIC which is essential in a life and death threatening situation. Perhaps he will Clarify.

I would hope that any review of the entire process he would mean find a method to undo the Hospital's closing. Anything else is just political lip service.

Regarding the Council race, of interest as third man out Don. Davis was Green' defeated choice for the 3rd ward slot last June.

Green's anointed Candidate is Rashid Burney who originally was elected as part of the "New Democrats" team. He has initiated many positive things during his years on the Council and has
advocated "transparency" in government which does not exist in the present administration. Unfortunately he has become the man Jerry Green "selected" as he recently wrote was his right as local party chairman.

That leaves Rebeccca Williams, She too is highly qualified and will make a good Councilor. Green only comment is "she asked me for my support" and justified why he did not by the usual mud slinging attempt to degrade her by circuitously linking her to Dr. Gallon.

There. is one other nomination of importance to the City Council. Linda Carter, also a former New Democrat is a Freeholder Candidate on the County Party Slate with Green's support. It should be noted that if she is elected in November she will have to resign her Council seat giving Green the opportunity to select her replacement. In the past he has cynically made a mockery of the established procedure for replacing a Councilman'. But once again this will give him the opportunity to control the Council.

Incidental there seems to be an opposition ticked to The Lesniak machine that has a slate for the County offices.

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  1. The question is: What has Jerry Green done for this City other than "lip service"?

    He and the present Mayor gave us the "Monarch" which could easily be renamed "Nocharm". What is there to be delighted about? Or how about "Anchor" since that is what it is going to be around the "neck" of this city for a long time!

    How some of the citizenry of this town can accept his "dragging" down of folks without substantial facts is beyond me.