Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Potpourri it is:

First let me assure everyone although I am a product of the Plainfield School system (1936) , I do know the difference between "their" and "there". (see my comment in Cory's blog). Sometimes word errors between two that sound similar are due to typing to fast which a spelling checker will not pick up. Other times the computer will automatically change a word from "too" to "to" or even "two" without the author's knowledge.

The fact is that a mistake is going to be made by relying on electronic records and not having a paper or photographic back up. There is also not guarantee against electronic records being altered or being wiped out electronically. Hard copy records can be lost but they are permanent and even over hundreds of years with changes in language can be read. Electronic records are dependent on software/ operating systems changes.

I have a file of records relating to the demise of the Raritan Valley Hospital. How many remember it? These files were written on a Kaypro Computer in CPM code which was killed by Microsoft and IBM when they introduce their first personal computer. Today, records in early editions of some software still in use can not be read by the present version. The gist is that if we are going to rely on electronic media it has to be updated with each advance or change in OS. That will open the door to errors, or fraud.

Tonight's special meeting to adopt the budget could be just "oh hum" despite the public commentary session before Council action. If there (spelled correct) are any changes at this time can there be a question of legality in the adoption of the final budget? Perhaps an answer is needed.

Another question, what can be the impact of the : Memorandum of Understanding" FY2010 signed by the Mayor on 1/12/2010 and not sent to the the Council for authorization until Feb 8,2010 upon increase salary lines, promotions and new hires that are in this budget? Perhaps some one will answer these potential pitfalls without being asked from the floor.

Lost in the snow; the PSS/BOE problems which may be answered tonight. We will look for Maria's blog and hope that Mark can show a dual personality by reporting on both meetings.
By the time I post this will there be an official commentary on the "suspension"?

Lost in the days news is the emergence of love letters between JFK and his Swedish lover that covered a period of time just before and after his marriage to Jackie. Of course he was a notorious womaniser all his life, including movie stars. Obviously moral standards have changed since then, ask Tiger, or the many politicians whose careers have suddenly ended. Or do we have a double standard when it comes to an idol?

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