Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Fairy Princess extends to her Frog Prince and all of you a happy Valentines day

As long as we are in Fairy Land, Baseball training camps open this week. We just had the Football Superbowl and the Hockey season has still months to go. March Madness (College Basketball) is still three weeks in the future, and there is about a foot of snow on the ground with more to come tomorrow.

BUT, we do live in a world of reality no dreams and wishes and innocence.

The Star Ledger finally recognized the existence of Plainfield with this weekend's local news blockbuster; the Mayor's suspension of Director of Public Affairs and Safety Martin Hellwig for three days as a "minor disciplinary action".

This is not an inconsequential action when it involves a top individual in the City's Administration. Since the Mayor initiated this action there had to be a serious infraction not a minor "improper use of a computer".

Hellwig is the third most important member of the Administration. This action undermines his prestige and authority not only to the two departments he oversees but to the community as a whole. If the "suspension" was hoped to be kept a secrete, once again the Mayor has miscalculated.

Any matter requiring disciplinary action by Mayor can not be "private", instead the public is entitled to an adequate explanation. If the recent vote of no confidence by the PBA,or the budget related actions relating to the Police Department are part of the precipitating determinant to merit such action once again points out the danger of a political appointee as head of the Police Department. Otherwise without knowledge of any city policy about private use of the city's computers there has to be a major misuse to even initiate a minor suspension.

Although the City site has no mention of any Council meetings for Feb., there was a notice in the CN 2/11/2010 of a Special Meeting on 2/16/2010 to adopt the budget as amended.

Other meetings of interest is the one "Community Fireside Chat"tomorrow night organized in part by BOE candidate Renata Hernandez, see her blog PEPTalk: Revisited,. I can not attend but should be of great interest.

We are still waiting for the shoe to drop on the Plainfield School System. My bet is that there may be a State takeover.


  1. Let's hope there is no state takeover. Look at the Camden school system, which is run by the state.

    What we need is a community that cares about the BOE. How many people do you think will vote for a BOE member this year? A whopping 1K?

  2. Doc, I think you are "spot on" with your assessments and questions. I believe one of the true functions of media and bloggers is to bring the light what the politicians want to keep in the dark. This definitely is something someone wants to keep in the dark.

  3. A 3 day suspension means a major violation. Usually disciplinary actions start with a letter, the next one a one day suspension then escalates to 3 days. This must have been pretty major to warrant such a penalty. unless this is strategic for a different reason. Knowing Plainfield politics my guess is it could be some at the top are annoyed that Hellwig has gotten good publicity and are ready to take him down. Whatever the violation was they jumped on it in order to affect his credibility. Seen this before. White and lives out of town.

  4. Doc,

    There is clear guidelines for a state takeover. Sorry, nothing in Plainfield Public Schools as of late even comes close.

    There are over 600 school districts in NJ. I am sure that the state sees a whole lot of things happening in many of them. Unlike Plainfield, other districts just don't air their dirty laundry.