Friday, February 12, 2010


This is BLOCKBUSTER WEEK: Two snow storms and Governor Christie's executive order declaring a State financial emergency has the Democrats upset. More later on Christie but bravo. Meanwhile the stuff is falling on the Gallon afair. I suggest you read the commenatriies in Maria's blog, they offer interesting biased insight and again take on susoected contex by individuals with personal interest. Maria is doing a great public service.

In the mean time;

Is this Plainfield?

Look at this

Deer tracks in the snow

"The Mick" says so what, Dad's chair is better than that white stuff

Snow on the trunks of the wild cherry tree


  1. Hey, Doc,

    Those pictures are fabulous! I especially love the one of "Mick" asleep in the chair--the ultimate in comfort!


  2. Two of the three handsome cats at your house!

  3. 1:08 P: Only 2, (The)Mack & (The)Mick, identical from same litter 13 years ago , Abbys. Very "sweet cats" with entirely different personalities. The Mack has never met a human he did not lik, loves to be held and will nip if not getting the attention he expects. The Mick, is shy, doesn't like to be held but purrs very loud and drools.
    They have red and green collars to distinguish.
    They were after a now defucnt supermarket chain in Virginia and Carolinas; MICK & MACK.