Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I must be a politician!. I too have a short memory. I did say that I was not going to write anything related to politics, but after much thought and reading comments to "Numbers Game" I began to reconsider Plainfield's primary election process. In addition today is Hoboken's run off election for mayor between the two top vote getter's.

I think there should be a public question on November's ballot changing local (Plainfield) primary elections to a non partisan one, and if no candidate receives a majority of the votes for that office, the top two should be on the general election ballot.

This can be fine tuned. But in a ONE PARTY TOWN this may be the only way all the citizens can have a voice. Think it over, and let some activists start the process.

A warning: Yesterday in my mail there was a letter that appeared to be from a government agency, containing a form mimicking a 1099 or W2 about receiving stimulus funds for one's home. The mailing is from an outfit called "Federal Homeowners Assistance, Inc." and on the bottom of the page in small print it states it is " a housing counseling and loan modification company with a network of attorneys"

This looks like a scam, beware there will be many shady operators after your possessions.

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  1. Doc,

    Since you are a Republican, I can understand why you want to move to a different system.

    I guess when all the Republican towns in Somerset, Hunterton and Morris counties voluntatily switch to non-partisian elections, then maybe we can also.

    Otherwise, this is a Republican ploy.